Web-Based Facility Monitoring System (EMS)

Although data center facilities are designed to meet the highest standards of operation, PA Vision ensures comprehensive 24 x 7 x 365 facilities monitoring system is in place to guarantee performance. All potential problems are eliminated before they escalate.

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Picobox EMS - D

Picobox Environment Monitoring System (EMS) is a comprehensive system which provides additional equipment protection by monitoring critical operating parameters in enterprises, remote network facilities, communication rooms, remote and unmanned facilities, and critical support systems. The Falcon is a stand alone system. It operates via embedded “firmware” that handles all data collection, alarm reporting, and multiple concurrent communication mediums.

EMS typically monitors analog and dry contact outputs from devices such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, gas detectors, smoke detectors, fire suppression systems, surveillance products (Web cameras), leak detection systems, power monitoring systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), power distribution units (PDUs), generators, DC power plants, commercial power, HVAC units, ATS, TVSSs, and access keypads. It performs internal diagnostics that check the Flash Program code, serial ports, RAM, non-volatile RAM, real-time clock, internal power supplies, relay drivers, analog to digital converter (ADC), and modem.

Picobox EMS’s embedded firmware enables system configuration, I/O setup, status inquiries, alarm reports, data logs, and troubleshooting. The Falcon is menu driven and operates with any Web browser, ASCII terminal or terminal emulation application such as HyperTerminal.

REX-Remote Exchange Controller



REX is engineered to do remote access and use of mobile technology like SMS in real time fault and alarm notification. It can integrate with and third party sensor and equipment via dry contact or 4-20mA interface. REX is easy to use yet it is packed with powerful features to meet wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

  • Stand alone - Full functionality housed in one small and robust chassis.
  • User friendly HTML interface using any web browser
  • Event log, FIFO event recording (XML format)
  • Remote on/off via logic expression and SMS command.
  • 8 protected universal digital inputs (dry contacts)
  • 2 digital relay outputs
  • 2 analog inputs (4-20 mA)
  • Configurable SMS repeat interval
  • Remote add/edit/delete of phone number
  • Remote query of phone group, input and output status
  • Configurable auto-health check SMS

Modbus DAQ



PICOBOX Modbus Data Acquisition (DAQ) is digital and analog I/O modules that were specially designed to communicate in a RS485 network and is applicable for any HMI / SCADA application. This cost effective solution is eqquiped with a 32-bit ARM CPU to provide high speed data processing and fast communcation turn around times. Comes in 14 different I/O combinations, POCOBOX Modbus DAQ modules are flexible to be deployed on virtually and application.