Water Detection System

Liquid Leak Detection System

Water detection devices are used in applications where water can cause equipment damage, product damage, or a loss of service. The original application of water detection products was data centers and telecommunications facilities. In the past year, many organizations are becoming aware of the importance of water detection in any critical area, including storage and archive facilities, museums, power plants, and more.

The main benefits of installing water detection systems are as follows :

Early detection of potential water leak problems

Immediate, flexible & redundant notification

Significantly minimized downtime

Reduced financial risk

Realized business continuity

Realized contingency plan goals

Highly reliable, real-time alarm monitoring

Cost-effective technology at unmatched value

Water Leak Detection Cable

  • Sense any conductive fluid
  • Patented design eliminates false alarms

The ELSA Water Detection System

(For flexibility to mix and match cable and spot sensors)
  • High-end control panel
  • Leak Locating System with Dry Contact.
  • LCD (2x14 blue background/white character)
  • RS485 modbus & 4 to 20mA Analog Output
  • 90dBmax. sound alarm buzzer with silencing button
The 3L-NP is a simple control panel - Leak Non Locating System offer with dry contact.
The 3L-DP is a Liquid leakage locating detection system with common interface through dry contact and/ or remote supervision RS485 Modbus.
The 3L-ONP is a liquid level detection system.
The 3L-DP is a Supervising Panel of Early Warning Leak Locating System