Rittal IT Racks (RACK)

IT infrastructure solutions for maximum availability - Efficient, flexible, secure

  • Rittal offers a broad spectrum of server and network enclosures with a comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Versatile rack systems for individual assembly and configuration of your it infrastructure.
  • 1500kg static load, the highest 80% perforation for better cooled air intake, Tool-less Mounting technology.

Rittal Cooling

  • Climate control concepts from Rittal are synonymous with the minimisation of operating costs and the maximisation of investment security.
  • Points for point, this creates a significant added value.

Rittal Security

  • The physical security of the IT infrastructure is pivotal to perfect IT performance.
  • This includes temperature, smoke, humidity and vibration sensors and reliable protection from intruders.
  • All monitoring functions may be freely selected and integrated.

Rittal Monitoring & Remote Management

  • Like a well-practised team, the IT monitoring concept provides comprehensive IT security thanks to optimum interaction between all the individual safety components.
  • The risk of failure is reduced to a minimum, preventive intervention is possible at any time.

Rittal Power

  • Innovative power concepts for energy distribution and back-up combine all your requirements in terms of redundancy, scalability and availability.
  • No production downtime, no communication interruptions, no problem.
  • Energy efficiency is an integral part of our overall solution.