Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

With the cost of power rising dramatically and increased uncertainty of global power availability, all levels of corporate management are now more focused than ever on managing and conserving energy.

Access to electrical power is becoming more and more difficult at a time when the need for power is increasing to support blade servers, network storage devices and racks densely packed with other IT equipment. Because every watt of power consumed by IT equipment becomes a watt of heat that needs to be removed, this increase inIT equipment power demand has also driven increases in data center cooling power consumption.

Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Unit - ePDU

Eaton simplifies data center power distribution with plug-and-play architecture that allows you to add and change IT equipment without an electrician, including our latest generation of power distribution panelboards, power distribution units and remote power panels.
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Intelligent rack PDUs provide IT staff the ability to monitor the power consumption of any given server, storageunit or other IT device, which is helpful to identify those that are underutilized or identify those that areapproaching or exceeding their normal high range of usage. There is also the ability to monitor and control thedata center power load at the facility level.

An intelligent rack power distribution unit can be controlled remotely via a Web browser or commandline interface (CLI). It meters power at both the PDU level and the individual outlet level; supports alerts based on user-defined thresholds; provides security in the form of passwords, authentication, authorization and encryption;and incorporates rich environmental management capabilities.