Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA®)

Early Aspirated Smoke Detection System is a highly sensitive active smoke detection which continually samples the room environment for smoke particles. Using laser technology with a self intelligence of self calibration to suit the environment, nuisance alarms are limited. Also suitable for Archives, Cold Storage, Warehouse, Pulp & Paper Production.

More Details

Why Aspirating Smoke Detection?

Early warning of fire

Restricted area detection

Suppression System Enhancement

Large open area detection

Unobtrusive detection

Dusty and Humid area detection

Inaccessible area detection

Uniquely flexible

VESDA® Features

  • Earliest Warning of Smoke – Downtime
  • The latest in Laser Technology
  • Absolute Smoke Detection
  • Patented High Efficiency Aspirator
  • Widest Sensitivity Range
  • VESDAnet Communication – Linking Detectors and Ancillary Devices
  • Dual Stage Dust Filtration
  • Programmable Relays
  • Air Flow Monitoring
  • AutoLearn
  • Built-in Event Logger
  • Optional Remote Displays
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Easy Interfacing to Major Fire Alarm Panels
  • Proven Reliability
  • Solutions for Every Environment
  • System Flexibility
  • Low Lifetime Costs
  • Global Support Network
  • Global Approvals