Power Quality

Early Aspirated Smoke Detection System is a highly sensitive active smoke detection which continually samples the room environment for smoke particles. Using laser technology with a self intelligence of self calibration to suit the environment, nuisance alarms are limited. Also suitable for Archives, Cold Storage, Warehouse, Pulp & Paper Production.

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Products To Optimize Your Power Quality

Our Power Quality optimization products include the following:

Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR)

Power Line Conditioner (PLC)

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)

Lightning ArrestorActive Tracking Filters (ATF)

Radio Frequency Interference Filters

Electromagnetic Interference Filters

Harmonic filter

Power Quality products also include earthing/grounding system, harmonic attenuation devices and noise filters.
As such, we provide a wide range of equipment to solve or minimize different potential problems.